Emerging Tech Planning: Digital Media Lab

Goals/Objectives for Technology or Service:

To create a digital media lab located in a community college library / success center. This will:

  1. Expand student access to digital creation tools
  2. Allow the opportunity for students to develop a strong skill set in using these tools to successfully complete class projects and prepare them with basic 21st century skill sets.

Description of Community you wish to engage:

The library wishes to engage the college’s instructors and students in a new way of learning. First by convincing instructors of the importance of teaching digital fluency to students and second, by supplying our students with the necessary equipment, software and training to successfully complete their course work. The Library and Student Success Center are supporting both the mission and a core competency of the college. It will support the mission by making available key tools that “support students along their pathways” to transfer and career goals. The Digital Media Lab (DML) also aspires to help our students meet one the college’s institutional learning outcomes: Technological Competency: The ability to identify, use or describe contemporary technologies specific to academic and/or workplace settings.

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