Why “Hyperlinked” Infoeduc8r?

Welcome to my website.  The first half of the website name pays respect to a class I took while at San José State’s iSchoolThe Hyperlinked Library was a class offered by Professor Michael Stephens in fall 2016.  Each student had to create their own WordPress blog to post some of the assignments and to interact with one another. I decided to keep my blog and turn it into this website.  I have embraced the term “Hyperlinked” as part of the title because of its description, paraphrased here:  the nurturing of connections and conversations as well as the embracing of participatory learning, transparency and change. I strive to attain all of these actions in my library practice.

I have used the moniker ‘infoeduc8r” since becoming an information literacy librarian back in 2004 and so I have chosen that as my URL for this site.

This site was showcasing my Post Master’s Certificate Assessment of Learning Outcomes from San José State University’s iSchool. I have some remnant pages left throughout the site.

photo of author in profile on Dun Angus, Inishmore, IrelandOrigin of graphics: In June 2017, I visited the land of my ancestors for the first time. Many of the graphics on this site are from my visit to The Republic of Ireland. I was so inspired by the beauty of the countryside (and the libraries of course)  that I felt the need to share them here..

Go raibh maith agaibh as cuairt a thabhairt ar mo shuíomh gréasáin. Translation: Thank you for visiting my website.  (Irish speakers: I welcome any corrections!)