Hi, I’m Maryanne. Welcome to my website.  This site is a combination of blog posts and my professional development activities. The blog posts cover the photo of Maryannegamut of topics that fall under an academic librarian’s job description.

You’re probably wondering about the name: Hyperlinked Infoeduc8r. The first half of the website name pays respect to a class I took while at San José State’s iSchoolThe Hyperlinked Library was a class offered by Professor Michael Stephens.  Each student had to create their own WordPress blog to post some of the assignments and to interact with one another. I decided to keep my blog and turn it into this website.  I have embraced the term “Hyperlinked” as part of the title because of its description, paraphrased here:

…the nurturing of connections and conversations as well as the embracing of participatory learning, transparency and change.

I strive to attain all of these actions in my library practice.

I have used the moniker ‘infoeduc8r” since becoming an information literacy librarian back in 2004 and so I have chosen that as my URL for this site.