Maryanne Mills, Academic Librarian

filtered image of Maryanne in Trinity College Library, Dublin
Trinity College Library, Dublin. June 2017.

I came to librarianship from being a go-fer in Washington D.C. before there was an internet.  Law firms and lobbyists around the U.S. needed researchers to visit federal  agencies to read documents, file Freedom of Information Act requests, and photocopy public filings on their behalf.  As a recent college graduate, I’d run from the SEC to the FERC to the FCC, pack my knapsack full of documents, run back to the office and Fedex  the research to my firm’s clients. Along the way, I befriended a few librarians and got the bug. I loved the research aspect of the job so off I went to get a Master’s in Library Science.  Since then, I’ve worked in corporate and academic libraries with a part-time stint in a public library as well. Here are a few of my job titles over the years:

  • financial services librarian
  • Korean bibliographer
  • customer service manager for a major information database company
  • competitive intelligence librarian
  • marketing librarian
  • XML content analyst
  • academic librarian!