A brief(?) history of information competency at a California community college

In the beginning

When I first started teaching Library 4, a 1-unit information competency course (in CA community colleges we call information literacy information competency) in 2005, there was just one section offered per semester and I barely had 5-10 students per class. The college let me teach it because I needed the experience since I was a very green instructor.

By 2006, Library 4 was officially a local graduation requirement and suddenly additional sections were scheduled, associate librarians hired, and we were able to offer it both on ground and online.  Library 4 was going strong and the Library decided to approach the Academic Senate with a new additional requirement that would further inculcate information competency across the curriculum. It was approved and so the information competency (infocomp) graduation requirement became the following: Continue reading “A brief(?) history of information competency at a California community college”

My first time lapse with miniature effect video

I decided to try the miniature filter effect on my Lumix GX85 on a rainy day in Long Beach, CA.  I saw an opportunity when I found an Irish pub with a balcony overlooking 2nd Street.  It was raining and I was standing in ankle deep water when I tried to set this up. I forgot a lot of things like turning off autofocus and determining shutter speed. Oh well.  I really needed to slow down the interval. This is at 2 seconds, and I think it is way too fast.

  • Manual mode
  • Aperture ?
  • Shutter speed ?
  • ISO ?
  • Interval: 2 seconds
  • Clip length 15 sec.
  • White balance: cloudy
  • Aspect ratio: 3:4
  • Focus Mode: auto
  • Picture size: M