San José Pillow Fight, 2019

I continue to work on my video skills and put myself to the test with this event. I had to deal with a lot of movement and I was having a hard time focusing quickly. I hope that I can get better at that. Also I had to avoid not getting hit.

Some of the transitions are a little rough. Also, there is some lossiness and I can’t understand why.  I am using Camtasia, which is really a program for screencasting, not fast movement, so that may be the reason. I saved the projects in 1920 x 1080 and then exported it to .MP4  with a Profile of High (Smallest file, playback on smallest devices) and then optimized for streaming. But when I watch it on my iPhone, the video is lossy. This did not happen on my last video, so I’m not sure what I did this time.

What I am happy about is being able to pick the right music (IMHO) and editing it to sync up with the video. That is really hard to do. Also, my ending credit has a cool sound effect.