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“Because technology is dynamic, our understanding of the most effective and responsive means to connect with students must be as dynamic. Ongoing professional development, then, is a central component to effective online teaching.”- @One

Learning with peers in a collaborative setting built on trust, respect and openness allows for new ideas to percolate around teaching methods and course design. The challenges that stump online instructors from time to time are given an audience in an online learning community where suggestions and appreciativeness are on display. Being a student with the  Online Network of Educators (@One) led me through a learning experience where I could test my ideas, give feedback to others, acknowledge my shortcomings (and learn from them), and develop a PLN (Personal Learning Network) amongst likeminded educators. This journey will continue through the many channels offered by @One. Here are just a few:


@One’s Certificate in Online Teaching Principles

During the 2018-2019 academic year, I took the following four classes from @One. These courses comprise the Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching Principles.

Each of the classes is paired with one of the Principles for Quality OnlineTeaching advocated by @One. This section of my website is my capstone project to receive the Certificate.

Online PrincipleCourse
1Online PresenceHumanizing Online Teaching & Learning
2Equity MindedCulturally Responsive Teaching & Learning
3Dynamic TeachingDynamic Online Teaching
4Digital CitizenshipDigital Citizenship
5Lifelong LearningNot a class, but a principle to address in your capstone.

Certificate in Online Teaching Principles

Awarded: May 13, 2019


Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning

Awarded: Oct 13, 2018


Equity and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Awarded: Feb 13, 2019


Dynamic Online Teaching

Awarded: Oct 7, 2018


Digital Citizenship

Awarded: Dec 2, 2018


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Online Presence   Equity Minded   Dynamic Teaching   Digital Citizenship  Lifelong Learning

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