My take on conferences

For our post #2 in the Reflective Writing Club, I will speak about my experience with conferences, a valuable lesson I’ve learned, and how I share what I’ve learned when I’m back on campus.

I’d love to go to more conferences than I do but the costs make it prohibitive.  For California Community College Librarians there are national, regional, state and local conferences and workshops to attend every season.  I have to pick and choose wisely, and I try to attend at least two conferences a year.  There is one though that I attend EVERY year and that is   The California Conference on Library Instruction (CCLI).  It’s a local, homegrown Northern CA conference and the organizers book well-respected experts from around the country as keynote speakers and leaders of breakout sessions.

enhanced photo of the tower and dome of Univ. of San Francisco
University of San Francisco where CCLI is held every year. (Prisma filter)

Every year comes with important takeaways to share with my librarian colleagues on new teaching techniques, new perspectives on information literacy instruction, and what our peers are experimenting with at their institutions.

The most valuable and enjoyable experience of attending this conference is brainstorming with peers on how to integrate the value of library services (especially instruction) throughout the college curriculum–whether that be  information literacy skills,  the library’s role in open education, or how to instill critical thinking skills in online education, just to name a few.

CCLI happens every June, so sharing what I’ve learned is typically shared via email and links, but on a few occasions the librarians plan an impromptu summer retreat at the local coffee hut to talk shop.  When the new academic year begins, we sometimes host a breakout session during the college’s All College Day.

Michelle (@Brocansky) was at the EDUCAUSE conference this year. I’ve always wanted to attend EDUCAUSE!  Michelle, I hope you got a lot out of it!

Yes, I’m late this week 🙂  Will try to catch up with Prompt #3 shortly!

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